CNN iReport: Angel Oak Can Still Be Saved!

By Samantha J. Siegel, co-founder of

Angel Oak Can Still Be Saved!

A little over a year ago, we began a battle with developers who wanted to put a massive development right on the edge of the urban growth boundary, surrounding the Angel Oak on three sides.  We were certain that a development of this size could kill the Angel Oak, not to mention severely harm the rural character of Johns Island.

Everyone told us nothing could be done to stall or stop this development. We were simply too late, they said. The developers had just received final approval from City Council for the planned unit development of Angel Oak Village. However, the developer had not then, and still has not today, received approvals from the state environmental agency, DHEC/OCRM, to fill four acres of wetlands.  Further, although the US Army Corps of Engineers initially said they did not have jurisdiction over the site, we have presented expert testimony demonstrating that they do, in fact, have a responsibility to protect these wetlands.

Construction of Angel Oak Village was set to begin last January.  To date, not a single tree on the 42 acres of land slated for development has been cut down or harmed in any way.

Now, with a petition with just under 8,000 signatures and counting, the Corps pending reevaluation of the wetlands on site, and the support of the community, we believe it is fair to say that it was not too late to make a difference.

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