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A few quotes from the petition:

Sep 10, 2008, Mary P. Burke, South Carolina
Why Don’t you all make a Park are something about the angle oak so people can enjoy it like for tourist to come and sight see. who want to see a bunch of houses and years later a run down shopping mall I sure don’t. make something people will ” ENJOY

Sep 10, 2008, Richard Sutton, South Carolina
Come on, please look at this petition. What parts of our heritage will be left when the developers are done having their way. The charm that make this place, our home, so wonderful and magical a place is slowly being eroded to accommodate “johnny come lately’s” when there are in fact plenty of places that are empty already. Please encourage developers to go somewhere else.

Sep 10, 2008, Pamela Carver, South Carolina
The Angel Oak deserves all the space and care it needs. What has the world come to that putting up duplicate buildings & taking away such a beautiful gift from God is even considered. We need to re-examine our priorities when more development has a higher priority not just for the Angel Oak but the other surrounding trees.Please protect this landmark area.

Sep 10, 2008, Brandi Bruorton, South Carolina
I have lived in Charleston my whole life. Angel Oak was one of my favorite field trips as a child. I cannot imagine my son not having the same amazing opportunity as I did to witness up close and personal the majesty and beauty that this land has to offer. Angel Oak and it’s surroundings are so amazing and so rare in our town that I am appalled that anyone would consider changing any part of that property!

Sep 10, 2008, Ivan Curry, South Carolina
Charleston’s beauty is what attracts people to visit. Respect Charleston/SC and its beauty. Before you know only the ugly will exist in SC.

Sep10, 2008, Randall Goldman, South Carolina
We are the care takers of these historic trees and find it appalling to think that someone would consider selling off these irreplaceable assets. As owners and operators of the William Aiken House and Lowndes Grove we understand the importance these trees have on our community. I plead to the developers to reconsider this course of action.

Sep 10, 2008, Stephen Oswanski, South Carolina
Please plan to co-exist with this interesting, unique species in nature or find another location (perhaps where buildings need restoration) to place your buildings. The laws in place protect these trees for a reason. Don’t try and undo someones steps toward protecting a naturally rich environment.

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