Let City Council know you care about Angel Oak!

You can make a big difference in just¬†5 minutes. That’s all it takes to learn the issues and send a letter, fax or email to the City of Charleston.

1) Go to http://capwiz.com/scccl/issues/alert/?alertid=57055911 and click on all the discussion points you want added to your letter to the City of Charleston. (you will also get a copy)

2) Click on “Send Message”

That’s it. Thank you!

Below is what your letter looks like when you include every bullet point (recommended!)

To the City of Charleston:

According to Charleston City Code Sec. 54-261, major amendments to an approved PUD Master Plan must be reviewed and approved by City Council.

Major changes to the PUD have occurred over the course of the last few years without City Council review and approval:

–The city purchased acreage from the developer using Urban Greenbelt funds, changing the calculation of unbuildable land, proposed uses, and acreages that must be reported.

–The entrances and exits to the proposed development have decreased, changing the traffic impact study, particularly the flow on Bohicket Road and within the development itself.

–Because of the Greenbelt purchase and the reversal of the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ position on jurisdictional wetlands on site, the size, shape and gross acreage of the PUD is inaccurate.

–All affordable housing has been shifted to Phase II of the design plan, instead of mixed throughout the property as originally proposed.¬† The required ratio of affordable housing is also not being met.

Councilmember Wilson’s request to discuss these changes should be commended. This review is the perfect opportunity for City Council to review the appropriateness of the design and scale of this proposed development in an area of Johns Island near impaired waterbodies, the Urban Growth Boundary, and the Angel Oak tree.

The potential impacts from this development as currently designed are a concern. Much of the negative impacts could be reduced, and the density itself could be more in scale, if the entirety of Phase II were turned into greenspace.


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